Gary Agopian for Antioch City Council 2010
If elected to the City Council, Gary will use his experience on the Antioch School Budget Advisory Committee, School Board, Antioch Economic Development Commission and 27 years in business management to govern, manage and develop Antioch's assets. He will work to unite, restore, promote and preserve.

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Permanent Cosmetics by Rozan
Rose Ann Cloud’s experience in the beauty & art industry spans more than 20 years. Her business specializes in applying eyeliner, eyebrows and lips for a natural makeup look that is permanent.

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Darolyn Davis:
2008 Candidate for San Francisco County Democratic
Central Committee.

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Wildfires in Southern CA
In 2007 hundreds of thousands of residents in San
Diego County were evacuated as wildfires from Santa
Barbara County to the border with Mexico destroyed
thousands of homes.

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Climate Change - Senegal, 2007
In the United States we often hear about global warming
and climate change but we rarely, if ever, experience it.
We went on a fellowship to Senegal in 2007 for a personal
look at the effects of climate change.

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"This last March (2008) our family and many friends lost someone we cared deeply about.We held a Memorial Service for Kristy the following weekend and it was a very emotional time for all of us.

I'd like to Thank You for capturing that event in an audio and visual account.  I was able to send it to a great many friends who were unable to attend and many were deeply moved. Thank You."

- Rip Gough

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